HighTaiX is an engineering company creating bespoke/special-purpose machines, from semi-automatic workstations to fully-automated production lines.

As such, we are a leading player in industrial productivity, with returns on investment often less than 2 years.

With its expertise in engineering and development, ASM is your key business partner to meet your automation needs as we are experts in all stages of industrialization:

  • Feasibility with our Method team to provide a “turnkey” solution
  • Technical solutions by our CAD designers:
    • Modeling
    • Simulation
    • Resistance of materials in 3D CAD
    • 3D-printing (pre-testing prototypes)
  • Definition of requirements by our automation team: electric, pneumatic, industrial and robotics
  • Assembly, development and testing in our factory to reach specification and quality targets
  • Supervision and manufacturing planning integration with ERPs and IT systems
  • Installation and final acceptance on site with end-users training

For more details, please visit the French version of our website.